Military WSP-NG Avenue

A few years ago, we heard that there were at least 30,000 military single mothers serving their country right here in America! We would like to be connected to these mothers in uniform, so that they in turn can get connected to each other, and to WSP. We are hoping that someone will come forward and help us find a way to become connected to these single mothers. Donate today to help us build up our funding foundation!


We also would like to be connected to the military wives so that they can have the extra support they deserve while their husbands are away serving their country. Below, please see ways we'd like to assist and support these mothers.

  • Help them form a WSP-NG group if they haven't already done so
  • Register with WSP so that they can get connected, and be able to receive our WSPNews newsletter, and be encouraged by our 8th Day Messages and more
  • Learn to celebrate the successes they manage to achieve while their husbands are away
  • Military wives and military single mothers to form an online network so that they can communicate with each other
  • Help military single mothers find a safe loving home for their children that they must leave behind when they are deployed
  • Be connected to other helpful resources in their area and/or beyond




CONTACT us today to become a member or partner!