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Get connected to help in your area!


Have you heard about 211? This is a general information line which has a directory to various services and agencies you can call or log on to, to find out about the social, legal, financial and community services/agencies that are available to you in your area. Orange County residents can visit the website especially for this area. To find out more, obtain general information, or to see if this service is available in your area, click on the 211 general website address below, or call 211 in your area. When you call 2ll, let the operator know what types of needs you have, and she may be able to connect you with the help you need! It's a free call when you call from a landline! Contact us to let us know if this service is in your area, and how helpful it was to you or people you know. The 211 information service is available within the United States of America, and is a public service.


Do you need affordable health insurance?

Visit, or call 1-800-318-2596


If you or a loved one is affiliated with the Armed Services you can also call USAA for health insurance and so much more!!! Are you or a family member in/was in the Armed Services such as the Military, Army or Navy? If you or they have had services through USAA or even just called to inquire about services such as opening a bank account, you may qualify to open a bank account, obtain health insurance or other services! Parents and Grandparents, this would be a wonderful legacy you could leave to your children or grandchildren!!!
Contact USAA, (, today (1-800-531-8722) for such services as:


  • Opening a bank account (ask for extension)
  • Money Market Account ext: 23914
  • Health insurance:
  • Medical- ext: #1094784
  • Dental - ext: 76519
  • Vision - ext: 76524
  • Workman's Comp - ext: 77661
  • Long Term Care, (Nursing Home, etc.) ext: 73093
  • Auto & Renter's/Homeowner's insurance (ask for extension)


Shelters for Women (and children)

Are you in trouble, being abused, need counseling, some kind of help or homeless? This link also provides rent-to-own housing! Click here and look for help according to your state!


Affordable Housing

Do you need affordable housing? Visit here and enter the state of your choice.


Rental Assistance

Are you in need of rental assistance? Visit here to search for this help by zip code or state. Scroll down and look to you left to search by state. You can also click on your state on the map.


Sign up for Orange County rental assistance now! (CLOSED)

Click here to get on to the list for rental assistance through Orange County Housing in Southern California. This is a time sensitive opportunity. (We will let you know when another sign-up period is open.)


Get on the "Do Not Call" List

Tired of those irritating calls from telemarketers? Get onto the International "Do Not Call List" today! Call: 888-382-1222 or register your phone number at the website below.


Do you need to be connected to child support enforcement in your state?

Too many single mothers are going it alone and financially struggling when they could get child support! We know that too often it seems a hassle, and in some cases even dangerous to locate the father of your children. For those who feel it is safe to, click here and find out more about getting child support enforced. You deserve more financial support! Explore your options. We wish you all the best.


Share your thoughts and concerns with President Trump

Would you like to share your story, or what you think President Trump and his government should do for single mothers, people with disabilities and other groups you are concerned or affiliated with? Scroll down on the "Contact" page of the White House website for a list of issues that may be of interest or concern to you, or you may call: 202-456-1111. There are also other phone numbers to call on the "Contact" page.


Need a job?

For the official Federal jobs and employment information site go to OR
Want to work from home or earn extra income? Sign up!
Or email to brainstorm and/or learn more:

Student jobs and jobs for grads at USAJobs


Disaster Preparedness

In the event of a disaster in your area would you know what to do? Go to for information!


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