WSP Membership

There are important steps to take when considering becoming a WSP Member. While there are four, (4) steps and three, (3) phases in your exciting WSP Membership journey, the very first step is to use the form below to register with us, and then use the Message Box to request membership, and also request help with establishing a WSP Networking Group--WSPNG--that you will either direct or just help to establish. After you register we expect you to send us a current photo of yourself via email. We prefer a good quality full front facial photo only, similar to a passport photo. This photo will be used for several things, including the creation of your Member/Partner ID Name Badge, to introduce you to our members in our monthly newsletter, WSPNEWS, and to create your member profile. Once you send us your photo, we will then send you the WSP Membership Packet. This would complete the first step and phase I of your WSP Membership Journey.


We want you to know that we will never post your individual photo on our website or on Facebook or any other Social Media page without your written consent. However, if we have taken "group" photos from a WSP Conference or any special WSP Events' day you may appear in one of those group photos. If you do not want your photo to appear, as in a group photo, then we suggest not including yourself in any WSP group photos!


Introducing you to our members in our WSPNews newsletter--a members-only publication--is one place we will post your photo, but as mentioned above, your individual photo will not appear in any public place without first seeking your permission in writing (via email)! We also want you to know that we will never share your contact details with a third party who is unaffiliated with our organization.


If by law we had to share your photo with a third party without your consent it would be for your safety or security sake--in the event that you went missing or something of that nature. Also, we will never sell your personal details to any company or organization no matter what the reason! We value your personal contact information and we also value your trust and confidence in our organization and take pride in being entrusted with your contact details too much to do anything unprofessional or unethical.


There is only one, (1) membership type to choose from which is an Official Membership. To learn more about this type please contact us. We will send you more information so you can make an informed decision on this type of membership, but we do have four levels to choose from which are based on your needs and desired level of participation in our organization. 


Registering with us is free. Your name will then be placed on the WSP Prospective Member's List (a non-published list). We are creating a "members' only" photo directory where your individual photo will also be included.  You will be required to take the Member & Partner Consumer Survey which will help us bring you discounts from your favorite stores through our "WSP Shop & Save Program" when it comes available. We will let you know if this program will be available in your area. 


We also have a Membership Incentive Program where you will be rewarded for inviting other single mothers to join as members and all other people to join as partners. You can learn more about this program after you become a member.


We encourage you to begin now to make a list of mothers to invite to become members. When the time comes, we will be sure to add them to the list immediately under your name, so that when our Membership Incentive Program is in full swing you will be rewarded! So, be sure to encourage anyone you invite to join as a member or partner to mention your name when they register with us.


As a WSP Member you are automatically a funding partner! Our organization is "for single mothers by single mothers." While we encourage our visitors to register as partners and donate to our program, we expect our members to donate Dues (WSPDues) each month, or at agreed upon intervals throughout the year or yearly. Dues are monies that are donated by the members of an organization for the upkeep of that organization.


Please contact us for more information about WSPDues. Do not allow WSPDues to prevent you from registering with us! Let's first talk about it instead. We want you to benefit from and be blessed by becoming a "LOYAL" member of our organization.


For the better part of the 16 years that we have been in service we have not enforced our Dues policy, and because of this we have been extremely limited in what we have been able to achieve as an organization! Now that we are expanding our company and branching out to other countries that have been patiently waiting for us to agree to accept International membership we want to be better established to meet the needs of all of our members and this will consist of membership Dues and partner donations.


Currently we have been existing on donations from a handful of loyal members and a few partners. We have also learned over the years that it certainly takes good funding in order to achieve goals and keep our mission's vision alive.


We want to follow the original dream Rosita had for our organization which is to come alongside single mothers who happen to be Business Women or Professionals--or who would love to be--if they had the right support. It will certainly take far more funding than we currently have to achieve this and to change into more of a Women-in-Business-type organization. This is where we are and we hope that you love what you are reading right now and are willing to join us to make your business and career dreams a reality with WSP in YOUR CORNER!!!


Do you think it is right to expect others to donate to our organization and not help fund it ourselves? Join and donate today to show your support and loyalty to a program that has been established especially for YOU!


Among other things, Dues are needed to help: 

  • Defray monthly expenses such as paying for this website, Internet, telephone and faxing services, and online giving capabilities
  • To maintain or replace office equipment
  • To pay for ink and other office supplies, etc., and
  • To build our WSPFund so that our members can have access to financial assistance when needed, and much more

We have three, (3) donation plans for you to choose from:

  • Contact us to learn more about our donation and fundraiser plans
  • Thank you in advance for being a "LOYAL" WSPMember!

The WSP Membership Program is exclusively for those single mothers who are serious about excelling, making positive changes in their lives, and making their dreams a reality. Do you want and need support to move forward in your life, or to keep that forward movement? Would you like support in making your dream of becoming a successful Business or Career Woman a reality? Does making changes in your life include a desire for moral excellence, sexual purity, integrity and a drug-free and healthy lifestyle? Then WSP Organization is here to assist you in choosing and executing the necessary steps to a brighter future filled with great expectations, accomplished dreams, a healthier you and a life you can be proud of. As a single mother who may have been used to struggling on alone, you now deserve to surround yourself with the support you need, and so know, that the time has come! You will be surrounded by prayer partners and positive minded people who care that you DO succeed, no matter where you live, and no matter what your past has been!


Any single mother can register with us, but becoming a member requires more. There will be a 90 Day Orientation Program to help you toward a life worth living, or to take you to a higher level of achievement. This 90 Day Orientation Program will be a time when you will get to know yourself and WSP better and is a part of the second step in becoming an Official WSPMember. The 90 Day Orientation Program includes a Questionnaire booklet being especially designed by WSP and its Partners for your benefit, and in the process of its completion, we will treat all registered single mothers as members until they are able to participate in the 90 Day Orientation Program! For more information on membership please contact us.


Are you a single mother who would love to share her success story as a WSP Member? Click here to learn more. Are you already a member and would love to share your testimony of what WSP has done for you, or what our organization means to you? Please click here to send us your testimony. We will post it on our Testimonial Page for the world to read all about it.

Watch this page for more exciting information on becoming a WSP Member!


Contact us to learn more about WSP Membership TODAY!