Religious WSP-NG Avenue

Attention Religious Organizations:

Making a difference in a community by providing the right services and programs that meet the needs of its residents is imperative to the success of any religious organization.


Would you like to learn about a program that your entire religious group can participate in? We invite you to join us in encouraging all around excellence in the lives of the single mothers of America and beyond. Let me introduce you to Women as Single Parents Inc., Networking Group, better known as WSPConnections, or WSP-NG. This program is to serve hard working single mothers—and their children—of all ages, ethnicity, religion, culture, and disability and ability statuses in your community. We are seeking partnership with religious organizations, so that we can bring the very best of services and programs through the WSPConnections Program and expose our members to religious organizations who care. If you are looking for a program to enhance your community action programs, we believe that our WSPConnections Program will be an excellent tool for your religious organization. Please see our requests below.

To establish an official WSPConnections Program through your religious organization we request that you:


  • Be willing to complete the orientation seminar so that your congregation can learn how to become experts at winning and serving the single mothers of your group and community for God!
  • Allow the single mothers to form a WSPConnections Networking Group (WSP-NG) through your religious organization, and then allow it to become an official program of your religious organization
  • Work with WSP in supporting the single mothers of your religious organization and area in whatever way they need support
  • Join with us in fundraising campaigns which will benefit the single mothers and children in your religious organization and area
  • Encourage your religious organization's members who are not single mothers to register as partners with WSP and become a part of our success story
  • Join with us in praying and fasting for our program, the single mothers and their children, and everyone connected to them, in our monthly 8th Day Fast and Prayer Activities. Make it a success in your religious organization!
  • Add the WSP website as a link from your religious organization's website and allow us to add your site as a link from ours.
  • Strive to have the best supported WSP-NG in your area


We are also requesting that once you agree to partner with our non-profit organization that you register with us online at our website, complete the orientation steps, and send us your religious organization's name and logo—if you have one—so that we can add it to our WSP Partnership List webpage. Adding our website as a link from your website will enable single mothers, those desiring our program at their church, or those willing to support our organization in any way, to find us from your site. We thank you in advance for partnering with us. Please continue to learn more about us, and contact us for more information on this valuable program.



Contact us today to let us know that you are interested in becoming a Religious WSP-NG Avenue!