Campus WSP-NG Avenue

Attention Educational Institutions:


It is important for an Educational Institution to be able to make a difference in the campus life of its students, because it is imperative to the success of any Educational Institution!


Campuses often have many clubs and associations for the betterment of student life. Would you like to learn about a program that could benefit your students or/and their single mothers? Our organization invites you to join us in encouraging all around excellence in the lives of the single mothers of America and beyond, especially those who are willing to pursue an education that will result in bettering the lives of their family members. Let me introduce you to Women as Single Parents Inc. Networking Group, better known as WSPConnections, or WSP-NG. This program is to serve hard working single mothers—and their children—of all ages, ethnicity, religion, culture, and disability and ability statuses in your community. We are seeking partnership with Educational Institutions, so that we can network and connect single mothers to services and programs in their local area that will help them succeed, and fulfill their quest in finding the support they deserve for themselves and their children. Through the WSPConnections Program, established using your campus as an avenue, the single mothers will have extra support while gaining an education. This program will help your campus to appear even more ”single mother-friendly,” which in turn will attract more students to your place of learning. We believe that our WSPConnections Program will be an excellent tool to enhance campus life for single mother students on your campus. Please see our requests below, and contact us with your suggestions or questions about this worthwhile program.


To establish an official WSPConnections Program (WSP-NG) through your Educational Institution, we request that you:


  • Allow a student single mother to go through the right sources to have WSP-NG established on campus
  • Allow the single mothers to form a WSPConnections Networking Group (WSP-NG)on your campus as  another campus club, allowing it to become an official program on you campus
  • Work with WSP in supporting the single mothers of your campus in whatever way they need support
  • Allow the student single mothers to meet on campus like any other campus club/association—they can also meet off campus if they wish, in fact, we encourage it!
  • Allow the student single mothers to invite people—students and professors—to become WSP Partners
  • Encourage them to join with us in our monthly 8th Day Activities.
  • If possible/allowed, add the WSP website as a link from your campus website and allow us to add your place of learning to our online Partnership List and website
  • Strive to allow your campus WSP-NG be the best supported WSP-NG in your area




Contact us to learn more about Partnering with us and establishing a Campus WSP-NG