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WSP 2004 Conference Slide Show



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"I thank God for inspiring me to launch this organization ten years ago! We have come a long way and have a way to go still. I thank God for His sustaining power, and for the ladies we have being able to help and support along the way. We have been featured in a popular Church Conference magazine, conducted seminars and workshops, held a one day conference--photos are above--held luncheons, held "CELEBRATE SUCCESS!" a monthly party-type mixer for our WSP members to give them a chance to celebrate any goal or dream they were able to accomplish in their lives since becoming a single mother, no matter how small. We publish and send out our monthly newsletter, WSPNews, and publish and post the 8th Day Message, a monthly inspirational message which can now be accessed here on our website and on our Facebook page. We have helped single mothers to move out of serious situations, helped to prevent homelessness, supported single mothers going through divorce and custody cases, helped with buying food, diapers and clothes for babies, and clothes, books and toys for young children, connected single mothers to local resources, paid for utilities and hotel stays for single mothers in transition, helped a single mother and her family--who lived thousands of miles away--to stay in their foreclosed home for longer, until they were able to find more affordable accommodations, helped find safe places to stay for those single mothers in transition, listened to many stories, helped with brainstorming toward a better future, had some laughs, shed some tears, prayed many prayers and much more, and through it all gave God the glory! In all things we give thanks to a kind, compassionate Father Who has made all this and much more possible. THERE'S NOBODY GREATER THAN CREATOR-GOD; NOBODY!!! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME. "HAPPY 16TH ANNIVERSARY WSP INC., MAY YOU SEE MANY MORE!" Rosita P. Antonio, Founder, President, CEO, Southern California, U.S.A.