Do you have a success story you would like to share with us? Women as Single Parents Inc. believes in supporting our WSP members who have businesses, services and church ministries. We want to assist our members in supporting themselves and help them realize their goal of becoming financially independent by advertising their services, posting their needs, and doing all we can to let them know we are proud of the progress they are making in their lives as single mothers. Even if you are already fantastically successful, and have achieved your success as a single mother, let us post your success story so that other single mothers can be encouraged and inspired by it. The success stories we truly love to hear are those that tell us you are attempting to start a business or service that will enable you to become self-sufficient, so that you can be in the position to help someone else. You can tell you are truly successful when you are able to help others to achieve success in their lives. Ladies, it is quite an achievement to experience success as a single mother! Donate today so that another single mother can feel supported in her quest for a better life!

Become a member so that you can advertise on this page; qualify for a needs post and upcoming opportunities as a member, and to receive our monthly publication, WSPNews, which will keep you informed on our organization's progress. Our business and professional single mothers who are members are happy to help other single mothers as much as they possibly can. This is what Women as Single Parents Inc. is all about. Join today!

Do you have products we could advertise or include in our fundraising projects or giveaway prizes at our events? Please contact us so we can discuss how we may form a partnership to make the world a better place.

Site visitors, please join us in supporting single mother ventures by using their services, and encouraging your family members, friends and work or business associates to do the same. We invite you, other individuals, professionals, entities--companies, churches or college/university campuses--to become a part of our success story by becoming a WSP Success Partner.


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