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Attention Corporations:


Doing business in a community by providing products and/or services that meet the needs of society is imperative to the success of any business or organization.


I would like to introduce you to Women as Single Parents Inc., also known as WSPOrganization and WSP—pronounced as wasp. WSP Organization is a professional, 501c3 networking charitable, nonprofit corporation poised to meet the needs of hard working, single mothers—and their children—of all ages, ethnicity, religion, culture, and disability or ability statuses in communities across America.


Because of today’s economy, and its affects on single parents, we are seeking partnership with companies like yours so that we can bring the very best of products and services to them and expose our members to companies who care about the success and financial independence of the single mothers of America. We believe in assisting companies in their quest to serve their communities better. Partnering with our organization could help your company to appear even more humanitarian by becoming ”single mother-friendly,” which in turn could attract more good employees—and possibly great investors—to your company! We are requesting that you form a partnership with WSP today! There are many ways in which companies can partner with our organization according to the products and services they provide. Below are some general ways in which your company may partner with us. Please contact us to discuss customized partnership, and to share your suggestions or questions.


Here are some general ways in which your company may partner with Women as Single Parents Inc.:


  • If possible/allowed, allow single mother employees to form a group/chapter using your company as an avenue
  • Allow member discounts on your products or/and services
  • Give free products, products/service trials, or services where applicable
  • Work with WSP in supporting the single mothers of your company in whatever way they need support
  • Allow discounted or free entry into your theme parks, and places of amusement or entertainment where applicable
  • Be willing to advertise and encourage other employees to become individual partners with WSP
  • If possible/allowed, add the WSP website as a link from your company’s website and allow us to add your company name to our online Partnership List and as a link from our website




Contact us to discuss customized partnership, to share your suggestions or to obtain information.