WSP Inc. Needs List

As a nonprofit organization Women as Single Parents Inc. faces many challenges which could be solved if we had more monthly Funding Partners. As we continue to build our new website and organization you will be able to learn more about our needs. To help our organization please learn more about becoming a WSP Success Partner. Register and then contact us. Registering with us as a WSP Partner is free. Please check our list below to learn about our ongoing needs. Thank you in advance for partnering with us and helping us to reach our goals. Businesses click here to learn more about becoming a partner. Watch this page to follow our progress and to learn more about our needs.

To help out with our monthly costs we need:


  • 10 partners to commit to donating $100 a month OR
  • 20 partners to commit to sending a donation of $50 a month OR
  • 50 partners to commit to sending a donation of $20 a month AND
  • EVERYONE to commit to at least $10 or any inspired amount above $10 monthly
  • We welcome one-time lump-sum donations--large, medium or small
  • Please remember WSP in your Will!
  • Send your donation by the 1st or 5th day of each month


We need Partners we can depend on when we need to:

  • Donate emergency funding to a WSP member
  • Buy new office equipment
  • Buy monthly office supplies
  • Pay for start-up costs for any project WSP may embark upon, such as our membership card program, marketing/advertising campaigns, etc.,
  • Funds to hold a monthly, yearly, or occasional fundraising event
  • Leasing/purchasing property, such as a center for our headquarters, and opening new centers in other locations
  • Purchasing property to open a health retreat and conference center


We need:


  • An Executive Secretary - (Preferably a single mother with grown children, contact us to learn more)
  • A Journalist/News Reporter - (To gather stories from single mothers for our WSPNews newsletter/newpaper) We need a team of journalists to take over our Newsletter/Newspaper
  • A Program Director - A woman who has a Social Work degree with a business background. Also, our Prgram Director needs to be a woman who has experience as a single mother--even if she is now married--who is compassionate, kind and patient, or an adult child of a single mother. She will operate our WSPSuccess Center in Irvine, California
  • (FULFILLED!) A full-time Grantwriter whose business it would be to search for funding from all and any avenue possible! Independent Grantwriter found and commissioned in October, 2009! PRAISE GOD!!!



Contact us to become a WSP Partner so you can make a difference in our organization and if you'd like to know more about our WSP positions mentioned above.