Current Fundraisers

Please join us in raising funds for WSP by beginning any of the following fundraisers at home, with family members or with a group of friends, work or business associates, or fellow students. Choose something attractive for you to keep your WSP funds in while you are collecting it. It could be a glass vase or a lovely glass jar. Make sure it is something that has a nice “clink” to it when the funds are dropped into it—unless you choose a “silent” fund with dollar bills instead. It could also be a ceramic container, vase or pot, but children and adults alike, usually enjoy seeing and hearing change drop into a reciprocal. Now, you can also donate online!!! Businesses click here to learn about becoming a partner.

Encourage your family, friends or work/business associates or fellow students to participate. See how interesting you can make it for yourself or your group. Have competitions to see who can raise the most funds within the shortest period of time. Be creative! Send your donation monthly, every six weeks or quarterly. Remember to first register with us as a partner. The current fundraiser list below is an incomplete one, and only serves as suggestions on how you can raise funds as WSPSuccess Funding Partners. Please feel free to raise funds in your own way. When you become an official WSP Partner, we can send you the Complete WSP Fundraiser List which includes our yearly fundraiser events. THANK YOU in advance for choosing a fundraiser and for partnering with WSP.

  • The Penny Bank - Because every Penny counts! Save the pennies/cents you take home daily
  • Change 4 Changed Live$ - Save loose change you take home daily
  • The $elf Denial Box - When tempted to purchase something you really don't need donate the money you would have spent to WSP instead!
  • The "I'm Thankful" Box - When great things happen in your life celebrate by donating to WSP!
  • The "Second" Tithe - In Biblical times a second tithe was given to help the poor and needy
  • Monthly Donation - You can make a monthly donation of $10 - $1 billion or more! (Non-WSPMembers only)
  • WSPWeigh! - This program is a program to challenge those WSP supporters out there who need to lose weight for a healthier lifestyle and for a more defined you! For every pound you are successful in losing you can donate $1 to WSP! So if you have 50lbs to lose, for instance, you can pledge to donate $50 to WSP as a way of showing your gratitude to God for losing those unwanted pounds. In order to learn more about WSPWeigh, a WSPChallenge Fundraiser, contact us today!
  • Monthly Gifts/Donations - ($50 or greater!) (Non-WSPMembers only)
  • One-time Lump-sum Gift/Donation - (of any size!)
  • Remember WSP Inc. in your Will!
  • You can change or add to your choice of fundraiser events at any time! Just let us know.

Do you have a fundraiser idea that you'd like to share with us, or are you a business owner with products or services you'd like us to use in a fundraiser? CONTACT US TODAY to let us know!


 "Your donations will be greatly appreciated and wisely used!"