The 8th Day Message Story

In 2004 Rosita wanted to do something else to bless single mothers everywhere, and as she prayed about it, she felt inspired to begin a monthly prayer and fast day, on the 8th day of each month. Why on the 8th day of each month, you might ask? Because WSP was founded in March, 2003, on the 8th day, which is a very significant day in the history of women; International Women's Day! She started praying and fasting for single mothers—whom she knew and didn’t know.


In November, 2005, after suffering car accident injuries, and while she was recuperating, she was again inspired to begin a WSP Email Ministry with the list of single mothers she had in her electronic address book. This was a way to keep in touch with some of the ladies since she was unable to hold meetings with them at the time. The first 8th Day Message was sent out as an Inspirational Email to our online members in December, 2005. Since then, the list of participating single mothers has grown, and the Email Ministry grew into a time to inspire and encourage single mothers everywhere, with our members-only newsletter, WSPNews, and the 8th Day Message.

In July, 2007, the 8Th Day Message was written in the very new WSPNews, a newsletter/newspaper which, as we stated earlier, is available to members only. Today, the 8th Day Message is not only partially included in the WSPNews newsletter, but is sent as an attachment to our members along with the WSPNews newsletter, but the page link is included in WSPNews for our members to access it. It is now also accessible as an inspirational message on this blog to bless all of our website visitors, where ever they may be, the world over, and we send it out to WSP Partners and potential Partners worldwide!


The 8Th Day is also encouraged to become a day when single mother WSP members allow themselves to be inspired to do good and compassionate acts to other single mothers, whether WSP members or not, in their neighborhoods, or places of Faith. Below, please find instructions on how to establish the monthly activities of the WSP 8Th Day Prayer, Fast & Activities Day. We thank you for your willingness to join us in this important monthly event.


The 8Th day of each month is a special WSP Prayer, Fast & Activities Day for WSP single mother members of all walks of life. Please join us each month as we pray and fast for the lives and successes of single mothers and their children everywhere. Here are some of the things you and others can do on this day:


  • First, we encourage single mothers to register with our organization as members
  • Second, the single mothers should establish a WSPNG--a networking group.
  • Third, hold a meeting to get acquainted
  • Fourth, their group should form a prayer list,  and set up the WSP 8Th Day Prayer, Fast & Activities Day—which of course will occur on the 8Th day of each month.
  • Invite your religious group, family, neighbors, work/business associates, fellow students and friends to pray and fast along with your single mothers' group each month. This heightens awareness to WSP, and the plight of single mothers. Ask to place this activity as an announcement in the bulletin of your church, temple or mosque every month.
  • Form a WSP Email or WHATSAPP Inspirational List to keep in touch with the mothers in your group, and be sure they are WSP Members and signed up and a part of the official WSP Inspirational Email  or WHATSAPP List to receive their "members' only" WSPNews newsletter and the 8Th Day Message link.
  • Also form a regular mailing list to keep in touch with those WSP members who do not have access to the Internet. You may download, print and "regular" mail the 8Th Day Message, and the WSPNews newsletter to those WSP members who do not have access to the Internet. We can also email you the 8Th Day Message as an attached document for this purpose in PDF form.
  • Where possible form the ladies into pairs so that no one is left out, if not, threes will do where necessary. It is important for the mothers to have a networking/prayer partner/Positive Thoughts partner for support and accountability reasons.
  • Each month on the 8Th day each mother can:

a) Decide what she will fast from, and how much of the day will be spent in fasting, and private prayers and meditation, positive thoughts, and then in group prayers, or prayers in pairs or threes accordingto your religious beliefs. Let the Holy Spirit lead on what should be done each month

b) Call each other up on the phone to pray with each other and to give encouraging words, in the form of poetry or a Bible verse or reading

c) Do something nice for a single mother—bake a healthy pie, send a greeting card, or write a note—especially to:

i. Those less fortunate

ii. Those with babies or small children, and disabled/handicapped  children                          

iii. The elderly, sick, or disabled single mothers

iv. “Empty Nesters,” lonely, isolated mothers and the shut-ins

v. Those that seem grumpy, or who are mourning, depressed or mentally ill

vi. The Incarcerated single mother or the mother who has just been released from prison/jail

d) Meet at each other’s homes, at a restaurant, a park for a picnic or somewhere else that is pleasant

e) Remember to pray and fast for the single mothers who are/have been in domestically violent situations, going through a child custody battle, those who are homeless, or jobless, and those who cannot find their children, or are in a troubled marriage, going through a divorce, or are separated, or those mothers who have been deployed to serve their country and couldn't find anyone to leave their children with, for those single mothers who live in war-torn parts of the world or those areas that have civil unrest or have been hit by disasters--natural or man-made, etc.

f) Let the Holy Spirit move and inspire you. Be creative; go all out! It's YOUR day, a day to look forward to each month. ENJOY IT, and write us to let us know in what unique way you and your group spent it. You may even send us photos of how your day was spent!

Email or call us for more ideas on how to spend the 8Th Day.



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