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Blessing Exercise


(The following exercise was designed for a certain individual who wanted to get married but was having problems getting over his ex-girlfriend! I am re-writing it so that a male or a female can participate in it. This exercise is for single people hoping to find a person who could possibly become a spouse, but if married people can find a way to be blessed by it go ahead and participate in this exercise.)


Blessing Exercise


The Blessing Exercise is an important step towards wholeness and healing so that you can move on in your life and begin the flow of blessings God has in store for you!


A) You will need to set an appointment for yourself and take some time out to read the following questions carefully, and then think before you answer them. Please take a separate sheet of paper to write down your answers. When you have completed these exercises, please look over them carefully and then take the sheets of papers with your answers and kneel before the Lord Who loves and cares for you. Hold them up in the air as if holding it up towards God’s face and ask Him to break the spell the devil has over you. Tell Him that you understand that until you allow Him to break this spell that you know that He won’t be able to bless you with a new person whom you’d be able to recognize as a possible spouse!!!


1. List the things you enjoyed doing with your ex

2. List the places you enjoyed going with your ex

3. List the positive things about your ex

4. List the negative things about your ex

5. List the reasons why your ex is your ex

6. In what ways was she/he helpful?

7. In what ways was she/he a hindrance to your success?

8. If she/he were in your life today would she/he help or hurt your walk with God?

9. Does she/he have the same or similar moral values as you?

10. Why do you miss her/him?

a. Why do you think you get so depressed and into a rut when you miss her/him?

b. Are the reasons why you miss her/him realistic?

11. Do you want to get over her/him?

a. If yes, what are you willing to do in order to get over her/him?

b. Sit and think how good you are going to feel when your emotions are free of being tied up with thinking about her/him and feeling bad because of her/him

c. Since she/he makes you feel so bad, why do you miss her/him?

12. If you answered negatively to questions 4, 5, 7 – 10, what should this tell you?


B) Every day for 3 days, read your answers, think about them and pray.

a. On the third day, fast and pray and then have a funeral, first burn this sheet of paper and the sheets with your answers, then place the ashes in something small, or something that belonged to her/him and then toss it in the ocean, another body of water where it will sink never to re-surface or bury it far away from where you live. Talk to God while you are doing this and thank Him for releasing you from the spell that Satan had you under which was keeping you back from your future blessings. Just keep on thanking God for freeing you from the shackles that bound you and barred you from your blessings. Make it a daily thing to thank God for freeing you to serve Him and love someone else who deserves your love and affection.

b. Look up and daily claim: 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Philippians 4: 4-8, 13 & 19, Philippians 2:5

Begin now to write your God’s List letting God know what you want in a wife/husband. Once you have created your list, sign and date it and place it by an appropriate promise text in your Bible and include this list in your daily devotion. This list will give you something positive to look forward to. This will replace your negative emotions for your ex with “feel-good” emotions that God can bless!




Written and posted August 2017 by Rosita P. Antonio for WSP Inc.

Posted August 2017 by Rosita P. Antonio for WSP Inc.


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