Welcome to the official website of Women as Single Parents Inc., a 501c3 member-only networking charitable organization, especially established to support and assist single mothers members and their children. It is hoped that our visitors will be blessed by the contents found on our site, and be inspired to join us and become a part of our success story.

On March 8, 2018 Women as Single Parents Inc. celebrated its 15th anniversary as a ministry and community organization!!! We want to celebrate by launching
Desire To Achieve in 2018 Challenge  where our members have the opportunity to share the dreams and goals they'd like to achieve by December 8, 2018. Our members have until June 1, 2018 to send us their posts. To learn more about this challenge as a member please check the latest edition of WSPNEWS, our monthly member-only newsletter or contact us.

We are honored to celebrate the hardworking women who are single-handedly raising children. Whether you're a single mother by choice, recently widowed, divorced or raising your grandchildren, or siblings, we are positioning our organization so that it can be of service to you in your area of residence with programs and services that will match your family needs. Our support system was founded in 2003, and continues to grow as we add single mother members like you seeking the support she deserves.

If you are an entity--a business, Military Base or are affiliated with the Military, church/temple/mosque, school/college/university campus, or community organization, (social or welfare), etc.--please consider partnering with us to bring the single mothers that are affiliated with your entity or who reside in your surrounding community the support they deserve. Our program can enhance any existing program you might already have by connecting your single mothers to more helpful information, resources, programs and/or services. We will assist you in becoming an official WSP Partner. We have an orientation program that can be customized to fit your entity needs so that you can be successful in meeting the needs of your single mothers and be even more affective at reaching and assisting them! Click here to learn more today.

The Women as Single Parents Corporation’s program is for single mothers of “all income statuses, cultures, religious beliefs, ethnicity, age, health and educational levels. We invite the poor, the wealthy, and the rich and famous (and all single mothers in between), to join our program. WELCOME!!! Whether you are now fabulously successful and famous, or still on your way, together we can build a supportive network of women who know that it takes hard work and focus--despite pain and distractions--in order to achieve our goals and dreams. Going it alone no longer needs to be an option! To get started, please register with us by filling out the online form. Your name will then be placed on our "Prospective Member's List," and you will also qualify to receive our member's WSPNews newsletter, and participate in other activities.

Our organization is unique in that it assists single mothers according to need and not according to income as is the typical qualifying criteria for assistance. Single mothers of all income statuses--including single mothers of low income status--are welcome to apply for our Assistance Program which includes our Compassion Network Program which connects our single mother members to local resources right where she lives. Our program is based on biblical principles where Jesus encourages us not to turn anyone away empty-handed who asks for our help. If we cannot help those in need who come to us, we are to point them in the direction of a solution and help as best we can. We have found that not all needs that single mothers have are financially related, they are oftentimes social and/or psychological.

Oftentimes single mothers need someone who will brainstorm ideas for a better future with them and give them a friendly ear and good advise or suggestions on how to move forward in their lives. Sometimes they need advice on how to invest whether financially or in their own lives. They want to hear from someone they can trust--someone who has been through similar experiences are, for the most part, best suited for such a job--and who has their best interest at heart and in mind, and we do at Women as Single Parents Inc!

We have found that it's the working single mother who falls through the cracks in society because her income is oftentimes inadequate in meeting the needs of her family, but because she is a working woman she does not qualify for the assistance she may need! Also, we help with needs that are often overlooked or ignored by community help organizations; we seek to fill those gaps left by society. For more information please contact us.

Please be sure to take our member and partner
consumer survey once it is available, which will help our organization to bring you the discounts you deserve through the businesses you frequently shop at, and restaurants and places of entertainment you go to. When the first phase of establishing WSP is complete, the "WSP Shop & Save" Program will be available. We are currently working on North American memberships. We will need to establish a connection in other countries in order to operate there.  Contact us, for more information on how to become a WSP member, a
WSP Success Partner, or to establish a WSPConnections Networking Group, (WSP-NG), or a WSPChapter in your area or country. If you are in pursuit of all around excellence in your life join us today!

Are you a single mother who would love to share her success story?
Click here to learn more. Are you already a member, partner or a WSP admirer and would love to share your testimony of what WSP has done for you, what our organization means to you or send us kind and encouraging words? Please click here to send us your testimony. We will post it on our Testimonial page for the world to read all about it.

Rosita Antonio, the Founder of Women as Single Parents Inc., has created a women's health awareness campaign in memory of her sister Shirley Henry--who was one of our members--who died in February, 2017 of Pancreatic cancer. It was very sudden and shocking, and no one knew that she was ill, not even Shirley knew! During her illness Rosita learned some devasting news about the feminine hygiene products, that they are made of highly toxic materials that cause suffering, cancer and death!!!

WOMEN'S HEALTH MATTERS campaign was launched in January, 2017 and Rosita was introduced to a phenomenal company that has brought a high quality line of feminine hygiene products to America, America becoming the very first country outside of the Philippines, where this line of products was created, to offer truly sanitary feminine products to women and girls in America!!! Please join us in the fight for life by making the switch from the regular "un"sanitary napkins to the superior napkins called CHERISH. The company that is making this possible is Nspire Network. They are also giving back by allowing women and girls the opportunity to earn extra income by becoming distributors. Women as Single Parents Inc. feels that it has finally found a company it can trust to proudly introduce its single mother membership to a great source of earning income from home, and students who need to earn but cannot physically go to work because of a heavy educational work/study load! Women as Single Parents Inc. will receive donations from this source. Rosita urges you to make the switch and save a life, maybe even your own or your daughter's!!! Tell all the women you meet to make the switch TODAY!!! Thank you in advance for saving a life by making the switch! Feel free to join NOW!

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