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Our website would not be complete without offering our visitors, members and partners an invitation to spend Eternity with the One Who loves them. Where will you spend Eternity?

Have you heard about Jesus Christ? Did you know that He died for you? He died for every single person who lives and who has ever lived on planet Earth! Did you know that if everyone accepted His birth, life, death on a cruel cross, and His current work in heaven as our High Priest and Mediator, there’d be no need for so many different religions! You see Creator-God—Who created planet Earth in six days, and then gave us a rest day on the seventh—has offered us an Eternal relationship with Him, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and an Eternal home with Them, all the holy angels, and everyone who ever accepted Jesus and His terms for Eternal life.

“What are these terms and why do I need them,” I hear you asking? Well, do you have health or life insurance, or have you ever read the policies and terms for accepting software, or anything you purchase? Any thing of value has its terms, yet so many people expect
Eternal life to have no terms at all, or think that we can just make up our own terms! So much of what we believe about how to obtain Eternal life is based on the lie Satan told Eve in the garden of Eden. Friends, in order to be fair the Godhead also has terms that we humans must abide by in order to inherit Eternal life. There are some points we must take into consideration when we contemplate upon the Eternal life
offered through Jesus Christ. If we are serious about obtaining it, we must do the research for ourselves, and not leave it to chance, our religious leaders, or anyone else. WE are responsible for choosing where we spend eternity. It is up to us to learn the truth about hell, heaven and the end of the world.


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