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As a WSPSuccess Partner there are five, (5) levels at which individuals and entities/businesses can partner and invest in WSP Inc. You are invited to participate at as many levels as you are inspired. Thank you in advance for partnering with our organization. Please see the following list of levels and information below:  
A. Prayer Success Partner 
B. Funding Success Partner 
C. Program Success Partner 
D. Compassion Network Partner   
E. Support Success Partner

Where would any of us be without the faithful prayers of loved ones and well-wishers? Please join us as a daily Prayer Warrior in praying for the success of our organization, Women as Single Parents Inc. Pray for the single mothers and their children, and all the challenges they face daily. Pray for the people who are connected to our organization and the single mothers. We invite you to join us every 8Th Day of each month when we make special prayers and fast for our organization and single mothers worldwide! Choose a fundraiser and contact us to tell us that you'd like to become a "Prayer" Success Partner today! DONATE ONLINE TODAY!
A Funding Success Partner is an individual or company that is willing to become a financial partner, through philanthropy, financial donations—to fund WSP programs or projects—or by becoming a “Life” or Business Investor. A company agreeing to give discounts on products or services; and a person willing to participate as a fundraiser, is also considered a “Funding” Success Partner. Choose a fundraiser and contact us to tell us that you'd like to become a "Funding" Success Partner today! DONATE ONLINE TODAY!
A Program Success Partner is a professional who is willing to share his/her skills, knowledge and expertise by becoming a Presenter and conducting educational or personal enrichment classes, seminars or workshops for single mothers or/and their children. A Program Success Partner may also be a professional who designs or helps to design a program or materials for use in WSP educational classes, courses or seminars. Choose a fundraiser and contact us to tell us that you'd like to become a "Program" Success Partner today! DONATE ONLINE TODAY!
A Compassion Network Partner is a person, church or company—usually a community agency—that partners with WSP to form a compassion network to assist in helping a needy WSP member in some way. This assistance could be funding, offering temporary or permanent accommodation, providing transportation—a vehicle to purchase or as a gift, a ride to a destination, or a truck or van for moving their property from one location to another. The compassion network partner may provide clothing, a job, or some other service that would help the member to move forward in her life.  Choose a fundraiser and contact us to tell us that you'd like to become a "Compassion Network" Success Partner today! DONATE ONLINE TODAY!

A Support Success Partner is any individual who believes in the WSP program and wants to support the program by using the WSPSuccess Partner Membership Card, through our fundraisers and supporting our organization through the “WSP Shop & Save Program.” (We will contact you when this level is available. Please choose from the levels: A-D) Choose a fundraiser and contact us to tell us that you'd like to become a Support Success Partner today! DONATE ONLINE TODAY!
  • We request a minimum donation of $10 or
  • 5% of your income or
  • "ANY" inspired amount 
  • Please make your donates by the 1st, 5th, 15th or 25th
  • Donating by the 5th is very important to our program! Thank you in advance for your support and loyalty to our great cause!
All WSP Success Partners qualify to obtain a WSP Partner membership, and will receive a WSP Success Partner's Membership Card when this program is available. Every time the cardholder uses the card to receive a discount off a purchase, the participating merchant—store or restaurant—will donate a percentage to WSP Inc. You will love our “WSP Shop & Save Program!” The WSP Success Partner Membership Card is our way of saying “Thank You” for forming a partnership with our great organization to help us and our WSP members succeed! Register today to become a partner, and we will place your name on our WSP Success Partner's List. We will inform you immediately when the "WSP Shop & Save Program"  becomes available!
To participate at any level an individual or company owner must:
  •  Be at least 18 years old, and someone who believes in our program and would love to join us in attaining our goals (anyone). Youth under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian's permission and signature in order to become an official WSPSuccess Partner
  • An adult child of a single parent (father or mother)
  •  Register online, then email us for more information on forming a WSP Success Partnership
  •  Complete our WSP Member & Partner Consumer Survey (when available), to help us get you the discounts you deserve as a WSPSuccess Partner (when available) 
  •   Be willing to join us in our fundraising efforts—please see and choose from our "Current Fundraisers” list. Participating in any of the yearly/occasional fundraiser events--when we hold them--is optional, but encouraged
  •  “Program” Success Partners who will do presentations or teach a WSP class – Must be willing to participate in a WSP orientation to learn the “WSP Way” of communicating with our single mother members—this is especially important for Presenters, since they may be in direct contact with our members and/or their children
  • (Becoming a Compassion Network Partner, CNP, requires application)
Contact us to become a WSP Success Partner today!

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