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Our Mission: To point single mothers to Creator-God, the "Source" of all power, strength and true success. To nurture, support, educate, and train them in the art of peer support, and assist them in achieving financial independence and all around excellence in their lives. All around excellence includes connecting to resources according to needs, striving toward sexual purity, integrity and a drug-free and healthy lifestyle. Please read about our goals, objectives and more here.

Women as Single Parents Organization was founded by Rosita Antonio, Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur and Author, on March 8, 2003, as a church ministry at the Campus Hill Church on the campus of Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California. Since then it has continued to grow from a handful of women from a few different counties in California to mothers from approximately 12 states across America and countries such as Canada, Puerto Rico and England! In May, 2007 we were incorporated as Women as Single Parents Inc., a nonprofit corporation and on August 5, 2009 we obtained our 501 (c) (3) tax exemption status. We are a Christian-based, professional, membership-only organization which will be a one-stop safe haven where single mothers of all categories and income statuses will be able to network and find the support and assistance they need to become completely self-sufficient. Donate today to make a difference in the lives of our members and their children!

Women as Single Parents Inc. is also known as WSP Organization, does business as WSP Inc, and is affectionately known as "WSP" which is pronounced as "wasp".

When Rosita became a single mother, she was raising two disabled daughters, and caring for a dying mother. she knows how important it is to find help that "won't cause you grief," and knows how hard it was back then, to find any help at all for a single mother who happened to either be a business woman or an ambitious woman who is motivated to working hard to care for her children, and live a life of dignity and independence at the same time. She said she told the Lord that she wanted to be a part of the solution, instead of being just another statistic. That's when she began writing a program that would help single mothers and their children to succeed. "It's a long journey, but I believe it will be worth it," she said. She also said that she'd like to leave a legacy, after she's gone; a "legacy of compassion" to be remembered by.

In the past we have held seminars, workshops, monthly luncheons and a conference. Today, our main focus is networking and connecting our single mother members with the help they need within their local area, until we secure funding to adequately establish our funding foundation. Oftentimes, we find that when we contact a community agent on behalf of the single mother, she is more likely to be connected with the help that she needs. The community agencies are usually quite impressed that an organization from so far away is willing to assist a single mother and her family in this way! We encourage our members to form groups within which they can make some of the programs available that can be customized to the needs of single mothers and their children in their area. While we do give temporary financial assistance--funds permitting--because our funding foundation is not yet established, our giving capacity is still very limited. We still need full-time assistance to research for grants and scholarships that our organization would qualify for so that we can realize our mission, vision and dream for Women as Single Parents Inc. We plan to open WSPSuccess Centers to serve our members wherever they are, as we receive the funding to do so.

When they are established in communities, our
WSPSuccess Centres and this website will be places to bring new meaning to the lives of single mothers everywhere. We invite religious entities, school/college/university campuses, places of business and community organizations and agents to partner with us and become an avenue through which single mothers in your communities may establish a WSP Network that will enhance their lives and complement their existence. Contact us to learn more.

With more than 15 million single mothers in
America alone, raising more than 30 million children, we've got an amazing and intrinsic network full of possibilities. Ladies, even if you are now married, you may still benefit by joining as a member or partner and getting involved. Below is a list of sixeen, (16) single mother categories! Contact us for more information on becoming a Member of the Women as Single Parents Inc. Network, or a Partner
, to play an important part in the lives of those single mother members who require special support in acquiring a better future for themselves and their children.

The WSP Definition of a Single Mother
Any woman--mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, female cousin or friend--who has or has had the sole responsibility for a child under the age of 18, and in some countries, under the age of 21. A "Teen" Single Mother is a teenage girl--ages 13 to19--who has never been married. If she was married, even though she is a teenager, she will fit into one of the existing categories below.

  • Widowed
  • Divorced
  • Separated
  • Military Wife
  • Military Single Mother 
  • Foster Single Mother
  • Single Parent Sibling (Sister)
  • Incarcerated Single Mother 
  • Single-Never-Married
  • Married Single Mother
  • Adoptive Single Mother
  • "Empty Nest" Single Mother
  • Single Parent Grandmother 
  • Single Parent Aunt
  • *"Teen" Single Mother
  • Released Single Mother (from jail/prison)

Though military wives and married women have husbands, many of these husbands are sometimes emotionally, mentally, spiritually or geographically unavailable to their families. Oftentimes, these mothers must be the sole support and/or spiritual guide for their children. The re-married single mother is also included in this category, as she does not always have the support of her new husband in bringing up her children. The step-mother bringing up the children of her new husband, also deserves support where ever she can find it. We are here for her too. Around the world there are now children bringing up their siblings, especially in countries like Africa where many children have lost their parents to AIDS or war, and Haiti, where AIDS and the huge earthquake which occurred in January 2010 that took so many lives. We would like to support single mothers in disaster-hit areas in whatever way we can with the help of community agencies, kind individuals and companies.

Grandmothers and Aunts also deserve support and encouragement in bringing up or assisting in the upbringing of their grandchildren/nieces or nephews. Teen mothers also need our support and WSP would like to include them in programs and a network especially for them. An "Empty Nest" single mother is a mother who now lives alone because her children are now grown and moved away, married, been taken away from her or are deceased. She too deserves support to attain all-around excellence in her life, and is welcome to join our networking organization, and to form a group for her area.

A few years ago we learned that there were approximately 30,000 single mothers serving in the United States Military! We'd love to be connected with these single mothers, so that they can be connected to each other in some way. If there's a military single mother who would like to contact us so that we can get this connection established, we would be very grateful. The incarcerated or just released single mother also needs encouragement and positive connection! Let us keep these women in our special prayers and positive thoughts, since they will also need special assistance when they are released from jail/prison, to pursue a life of all-around excellence without any negative distractions. 

*Please note: Teenage single mothers who would like to join our organization would also need to belong to a special Guardian Program. For more information about this program please contact us.

Whether you receive financial support or minor assistance from the father of your children, people or other sources, we admire your "staying" power, salute your independence and acknowledge your struggles.

us if you do not see your category listed above
 or have another one for us to add!
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